What Site do you need? CMS / E-commerce / re-design

Virtually all clients will need a good CMS system or an ecommerce site.

Concentrating on the look or price is a common error.

Functionality is key and a good designed system can be redesigned to look like any other website or design you wish.

Boston Design offers a top end CMS System and E-Commerce systems

Top End CMS System A content management system is the only way to go with a new site


We use one of the best systems out there with a huge amount of custom features.

  • Auto re-sizing of images
  • Auto timed news
  • Auto gallery (really cool)
  • Navigation and Category generator
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • Forward planning - no depreciated elements which are outdated

The Farcry CMS system is one of the best. Integrated with a customised editor, it will allow a great site to be created and updated by you and your team.

  • Images - choose from left right centre with/without border opening in light box or not
  • Design adding classes and id's
  • Accessibility
  • Galleries
  • Modern coding standards and accessibility

Top End Shopping Cart/Store System

Get started with your own online shop. The free demo lasts 15 days. Please ring or I can ring you to help you understand the system. No obligation.

You are not just left to work it all out yourself:

  • Help Videos: loads of tutorials and videos
  • Email: support via email
  • Phone: you can ring and get help
  • Search Engines: Good design = well indexed
  • Marketing: Ebay, Google Base, ...
  • Mobile Devices: it will work on the latest iPhones and iPads
  • No Long term Contract: monthly system or purchase if you prefer

Get a Free Demo or see Pricing

15 Day Free Demo application

Free Demo Form

Get started with your own online shop. The free demo lasts 15 days. Please ring or I can ring you to help you understand the system. No obligation.

We will set this up and let you know as soon as it is ready.

Redesign of Your Existing Site

When planning your site, it's important to get it right - it needs to be found, be editable, up datable and look nice.

If the amount of changes are small, it may be worth us doing all the work for you. Many sites are looking a bit old on the coding side so it could be time to upgrade to a CMS or shopping cart integrated site.

Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Price for CMS & Shopping Cart

  100 Products 500 Products 1,000 Products Unlimited Products Purchase Hosting
Ecommerce System $24.95/month $39.95/month $79.95/month $149.95/month NA inc
Ecommerce System
(one off Payment)
NA NA NA Yes £2,000 300pa
CMS system including one days design work NA NA NA NA £700 250pa

Please note Server space and bandwidth restrictions apply, typically your site needs to be really busy or big to go over these generous limits.
The Cart is priced in US Dollars and the CMS and purchased version of the Cart is priced in pounds Sterling. Prices are correct as of April 2011.

Contact: Boston Web Design For CMS Ecommerce web design


Phone: Mike Gadd on 01937 844580

Email: Boston Design
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